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SmartHub - Sign Up Information

There are two options for signing up for SmartHub. Please select the option that best fits your needs.

IMPORTANT: To use the SmartHub App on your phone or tablet, you must first sign up through a web browser. 

Option 1: Stop by our office... We can help!

If you would like assistance in signing up for Smart Hub, please stop by our office. One of our representatives will guide you through the process and provide you with an introduction to SmartHub. 

Option 2: Sign up on your own, online

1. Please read all of the instructions below before beginning. Note: You may want to print out these instructions. 

2. Click this link.

3. Enter your account number, last name or business name, and email address.

4. Click the 'Submit' button.

You are now registered and can login and use SmartHub using your home computer and web browser. 


 If you have a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, review the instructions below for accessing our SmartHub app.

After registering online, you may download the SmartHub App for your mobile device.

If you wish to use your mobile device to access SmartHub, you may select from the following methods to download the SmartHub App. 

Method 1: Search for 'SmartHub' within your mobile device's App Store. Make sure you have selected the SmartHub App from National Information Solutions Cooperative and not from Samsung. The icon will be either purple or green and look like this:

Download the app, install and launch to access.

Method 2: You can also use the web links below to navigate to the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store. Use your smartphone's web browser like Safari or Chrome to navigate to this page.

Apple iPhone or iPad Device:

Android Mobile Device:

Download the app, install and launch to access.



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