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Prepaid Meters


RushShelby Energy members who are looking for another way to manage and pay for electricity have a great option  – prepaid metering.

Prepaid metering is just what it sounds like.  As an RSE member, this service allows you to pay for electric use prior to its consumption.  The prepaid member will have the opportunity to pay when he or she wants, in the amounts he or she wants, with a minimum payment of $20.  Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill that is generated each month, use is calculated daily.  A prepaid member will pay a $30.00 remote disconnect fee each time the meter runs out of funds.  However, the member will never pay a deposit or a late fee and is not charged a reconnect fee if the account disconnects and sufficient payment is made to automatically restore service.

A prepaid member chooses how to be notified when the balance is running low.  Notifications can be received via email, automated calling service or text message.  Each prepaid member chooses the balance at which he or she begins to receive notifications.  Prepaid members can also go onto the internet and track their daily electric use.  Studies have shown that prepaid electricity helps lower electric consumption due to member’s awareness of their daily use.

Credit or debit card payments can be made at any time via the RSE automated payment system by telephone or online.  Cash or checks can be taken in person at the RSE office during regular business hours. 

This service is only available in single phase residential applications with 200 amp service or less.

If you have an interest or questions about the program, call the RSE office at (765) 544-2600.

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