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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I have to pay a deposit for electrical service?

Possibly. A deposit is required for electric service if an online credit check indicates one is required. An outside credit reporting service is used to determine the level of deposit, from $0 to $300.

How long does it take to have new service built?

The time necessary is based on a number of factors from the scope of the build to the physical location. Our staking engineers will work with you to determine costs and schedules to complete the job. Members should contact RushShelby Energy as soon as possible to provide lead time that could involve weeks or months, depending on the individual service.

Can I have underground service?

In most instances, yes. When you are having service built or extended to your home or farm, you may request underground service when meeting with our staking engineer. They will be able to review the location to insure it can be safely installed and will help you determine the cost.

When is my bill due?

We utilize 8 billing cycles, two are due each week. Your bill has the due date printed on it each month. However, if you would like to plan ahead, you can call our office and we can provide you with your cycle’s due dates for the remainder of the year. A billing due date card is sent with your December bill each year, providing a list of all due dates.

Will RushShelby Energy temporarily disconnect my service for me to do work around my home?

Yes. Simply call our office with as much lead time before the work is needed and we will schedule a serviceman or crew to disconnect the service at a specific time and return to reconnect the service when your work is complete. Such disconnection may be needed for landscaping or construction projects on your property. Our operations department will be happy to work with you.



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